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SXXI Makes Presence Known at Asia's Largest Toys and Baby Products Fair

Shanghai (November 12, 2014)- Strategy XXI Partners founder and partner Harriet Mouchly-Weiss attended the 2014 China Toy Expo and China Kids Expo held last month in Shanghai, accompanied by the agency's senior advisor Eric Ricaurte and consultant Qingqing Hilary He.

The largest toys and baby products fair in Asia welcomed 50,515 attendees from over 120 different countries at the three-day event, with 1,364 global exhibitors occupying over 6,200 booths.

For the past decade, Strategy XXI has worked with the ICTI CARE Foundation on developing and refining the ICTI CARE (Caring, Awareness, Responsible, Ethical) Process, which helps to continually improve worker conditions in the international toy industry supply chain. This has been accomplished through its audit and training programs, with a special focus on China, where 80% of the world's toys are manufactured.

"It has been a great pleasure to see how the Shanghai Toy Fair has grown over the past few years, participating in China's rapid economic growth," said Mouchly-Weiss. "Strategy XXI, through its work on behalf of the ICTI CARE Process, is proud to play an ongoing role in the toy industry's success."

According to statistics released by the China Toy and Juvenile Products Association (CTJPA), the total number of toys and baby products exported by Chinese manufacturers in 2013 increased by 7.58% compared to the previous year. As China continues to be the main manufacturing country for toys and baby products, the role of the ICTI CARE Process becomes increasingly important to the well-being of the overall industry.

In strong collaboration with CTJPA, the ICTI CARE Foundation hosted a series of workshops during the 2014 China Toy Expo, such as the executive roundtable meeting and the annual seminar. Chinese brands and manufacturers convened at these workshops to learn more about the critical importance and the specific ways of improving worker conditions and management methods to achieve better product quality and financial results.

SXXI Founder Harriet Mouchly-Weiss Shares Insights on Business Innovation at Blouin Creative Leadership Summit 2014

New York (October 15, 2014) - With the rising trend of impact investment, discovering different social venture capital strategies and adopting a lateral management structure could lead to desirable results in business innovation, said Strategy XXI founder and partner Harriet Mouchly-Weiss at the Blouin Creative Leadership Summit 2014, recently held at the MoMA Education Center.

A panelist for the session entitled "Business Innovation - Rethinking Organizational Design and Culture," Mouchly-Weiss discussed challenges currently confronting innovation in the business arena and provided possible solutions from a management perspective. Other participants included Misti Ushio, Managing Director at Harris & Harris Group, Inc., Allan Afuah, Associate Professor of Strategy at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, and Katherine Jo Strandburg, Alfred B. Engelberg Professor of Law at New York University Law School. The panel was moderated by Matthew Bishop, Globalization Editor for The Economist.

Mouchly-Weiss described the ideal manager as one who is "willing to take risks and nurture," and the preferable management structure as "lateral rather than strictly hierarchal," because "the whole is better than some of the parts, as the old saying goes." With the advent of new modes of technology and distinctive forms of learning, Mouchly-Weiss invited the audience to dwell on where innovation starts and how it comes about. She stressed the importance of exploring different models of social venture capital, because it is crucial for that sector to play a larger role in the business world, as the emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability continues to rise.

The Blouin Creative Leadership Summit 2014, now in its ninth year, is a forum designed to develop novel solutions to pressing global challenges by bringing together world leaders and innovators from diverse backgrounds. It has been organized in a strategic partnership with the United Nations Office of Partnership.

Chinese Pharmaceutical Companies Must Adapt to Key Trends When Entering U.S. Market, Says SXXI Founder Harriet Mouchly-Weiss

New York (September 22, 2014) - Pharmaceutical companies in China looking to do business in the United States must implement marketing strategies that cater to trends in the U.S. market, said Strategy XXI founder and partner Harriet Mouchly-Weiss at the recent Sino-US Pharmaceutical Industry Summit held at Columbia University.

Mouchly-Weiss, addressing an audience of leaders from pharmaceutical organizations in both China and the U.S., pointed out three key trends: personalized medicine, telemedicine and new avenues of purchasing pharmaceuticals.

Personalized medicine, defined as "the right treatment for the right person at the right time," calls for a collaborative, innovative approach in drug development, said Mouchly-Weiss. The rise of telemedicine-instantaneous, remote health consultations—will result in consumers wanting to purchase pharmaceuticals directly for quicker treatment. There is also a shift in the way people buy and pay for drugs, said Mouchly-Weiss. The advent of online pharmacies and the wide usage of mobile phones make purchases convenient and more affordable, yet there is the risk of consumers buying products that are not approved.

Awareness of these trends will make a smoother entrance into the U.S. market, said Mouchly-Weiss. "Have your marketing team work closer with the research/scientific development team," she said. "Ensure that those in your company who plan and implement your entrance into the U.S. market are fully aware of the strengths of your products, and adapt them accordingly."

The event was co-sponsored by the China Medical Pharmaceutical Material Association and the US International Academy of TCM.

Strategy XXI's Clarke Speaks at Emerging Markets Roundtable Event

New York (August 22, 2014)-Strategy XXI partner Frank Clarke participated in the second annual Emerging Markets Roundtable of the Emerging Markets Institute at Cornell's Johnson School of Business. The event was sponsored by KPMG High Growth Markets in their offices in New York.

Clarke spoke about the importance of effective government relations in emerging markets, using SXXI's experience in helping to establish and grow the worldwide toy industry's ICTI CARE Process in China as an example.

ICTI CARE is the toy industry's ethical manufacturing program, which involves companies, brands, retailers, factories, NGOs, governments and other stakeholders in a network of worldwide partners to improve working conditions in factories throughout China and the Asian region. Close to 1,500 factories representing approximately 700,000 workers participate in the ICTI CARE program.

The roundtable featured a number of government relations experts, among them Humberto Ribeiro, former Secretary of Commerce and Services, Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade; Simon Ngongi, President of American African Trading International; and Minister Gligor Tashkovich, formerly Minister for Foreign Investment of the Republic of Macedonia.

Broadcast Media Veteran Nicolla Hewitt Joins Strategy XXI Partners

New York (July 29, 2014)-Standout news producer Nicolla Hewitt has joined the Strategy XXI team as an advisor.
With more than 20 years of experience in broadcast media, Hewitt has served as a producer for a veritable who's who of network news luminaries, including Peter Jennings and Ted Koppel at ABC News, and Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams and Katie Couric at NBC News. She is currently Couric's producer for International News at Yahoo, one of the top online news sources in the world.

"Having Nicolla on our team adds a new dimension to our media capabilities," said Harriet Mouchly-Weiss, Strategy XXI's founder and managing partner. "Her broadcast expertise will be invaluable as we strive to provide our clients with the very best opportunities for communicating their messages."

Hewitt has produced interviews with U.S. presidents Clinton, Carter and George W. Bush, and world leaders Yasser Arafat, Ariel Sharon and Tony Blair, among others. She specialized in news events in the Middle East, producing for both Brokaw and Williams in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Click here to read Hewitt's full bio.

Strategy XXI and PR News Highlighted in PR News Case Study

New York, NY (July 15, 2014) - Strategy XXI Partners and client Arizona Chemical Company are featured in a case study in the July 14 issue of PR News, the premier strategic and tactical resource for PR professionals.

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"New Sustainability Report Helps Company Turn the Page" covers the development and creation of Arizona Chemical's annual sustainability report, produced with help from the Strategy XXI team. Since its inception in 2009, the report has become a major vehicle for communicating Arizona Chemical's sustainability programs, which are integral to its corporate vision, business strategies and core values.

In a story sidebar, Strategy XXI Principal Barbara Shrager offers ways sustainability reporting can be used for maximum impact, including as a tool for employee retention and new employee recruiting, and as a vehicle to drive innovation. "Recognizing emerging market challenges through a sustainability lens facilitates identification of new areas in which your company can add value," writes Shrager.

Arizona Chemical Earns Prestigious Bulldog Reporter Communications Award for Sustainability Report

Bulldog Reporter Corporate Social Responsibility Award Demonstrates Company's Commitment to Accountability

Jacksonville, Fla. (June 2, 2014)-Arizona Chemical Company, a world leader in bio-refined specialty chemical products, received the Bulldog Reporter Silver level award for its 2012 Sustainability Report in the category of Best Annual Report on Corporate Social Responsibility and/or Sustainability.

Entitled "Adding Value with Biorenewable Solutions," Arizona Chemical's sustainability report adheres to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework. This framework enables optimal organizational transparency and accountability through measurement of economic, environmental, social and governance performance.

Read the report here:

"Annual sustainability reporting is one way in which we demonstrate our company's commitment to the performance fundamentals, metrics and results that drive our business," said Kees Verhaar, President and CEO, Arizona Chemical. "Achieving this award acknowledges our success in communicating effectively while reinforcing the significance of sustainability to our company."

Created in concert with Strategy XXI Partners, a strategic communications consultant, the 2012 Arizona Chemical report marks a major breakthrough from the company's previous three sustainability reports. Instead of focusing on GRI reporting, the report puts corporate key messages front and center with a storyline that supports the company's advancements toward achieving its Vision 2021. The report:

  • Presents content in two ways to engage readers who have different degrees of interest - whether at an overview level through a brief print report featuring sustainability highlights or a more comprehensive online report.
  • Uses a compelling narrative that is structured in a way that appeals to a wide variety of stakeholders, while seamlessly delivering GRI-related information.
  • Serves as the foundation for undertaking benchmarking studies. Used as a management tool, the process of report development helped identify where there were opportunities for operational enhancements.

"We envisioned this sustainability report as a mechanism for engaging with stakeholders and ensuring that our company's scope, progress and goals were readily understandable," explained Alan Phillips, Director of Sustainability, Arizona Chemical. "It has added value as a tool to differentiate Arizona Chemical and demonstrate our competitive advantages."

Bulldog Reporter CSR Award winners were chosen exclusively by working journalists from hundreds of entries representing the very best strategic and tactical prowess that corporate communications has to offer, according to the communications publication. Report submissions were judged for their ability to achieve extraordinary visibility, influence opinion, and demonstrate exceptional creativity, and command of media and technology.

About Arizona Chemical

Arizona Chemical is a world leader of bio-refined products for the adhesives, roads & construction, tires, lubricants, fuel additives, mining and oleochemicals markets. With more than 1,100 employees and state-of-the-art refineries and manufacturing plants in six countries on both sides of the Atlantic, Arizona Chemical provides sustainable raw materials to hundreds of companies and, in-turn, to millions of consumers all around the world. The company has headquarters offices in the U.S. in Jacksonville, Fla., and in the EU in Almere, the Netherlands.

About Strategy XXI Partners

Strategy XXI Partners is a strategic communications, corporate social responsibility and public affairs advisor to companies, countries and causes. Strategy XXI provides counsel and implementation services to help clients address complex challenges and raise visibility and credibility through programs including stakeholder engagement, CSR reporting, third-party alliances, media relations and event planning.

Strategy XXI Hosts Communications Pros from Kosovo and Serbia

New York (May 1, 2014)-Strategy XXI, strategic communications and public affairs advisor to corporations, countries and causes, welcomed travel communications professionals from Serbia and Kosovo to its New York City office this week. World Learning, an NGO and pioneer in international exchanges, organized the nationwide visit, sponsored by the State Department's Professional Fellows On-Demand Program. An official release from State said that the visiting professionals from the region were "looking for ways to expand their economies through tourism."

Barbara Burns, senior advisor at Strategy XXI, organized the visit of two professionals, Ana Marija Popovic, partner at Destination Office, a Belgrade-based consulting agency for culture and tourism branding, and Nita Deda, communication director of DokuFest, a top Kosovo arts festival. Popovic and Deda are part of a delegation of 16 visiting the U.S. on behalf of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), an NGO cooperating with World Learning.

Pamela Johnston and Suzanne Harvey, Strategy XXI experts in the fields of branding, tourism and cultural programs for both public and private sectors, met with the guests, sharing with them their knowledge in both the travel and arts sectors. Johnston and Harvey helped organize meetings between the two guests and travel specialists in the private sector, in addition to marketing officers for the Global Peace Film Festival, the UNESCO cultural office at the UN, The China Center, the Harlem Arts Alliance and the Jewish Museum.

Harriet Mouchly-Weiss, founder and partner at Strategy XXI and a specialist in branding of countries, told the visitors to think of a country as a product and actively recruit citizens as brand ambassadors.

Strategy XXI previously hosted official visitors from Burma to brief them on government communications and branding. Based on the success of the briefing, World Learning has asked the agency to host another delegation of public communications offers from Jordan in May.


Strategy XXI Founder Speaks at 2014 International Financial Forum

NEW YORK (April 8, 2014) - Strategy XXI founder and partner Harriet Mouchly-Weiss discussed the risks associated with cross-border mergers and acquisitions at the 2014 International Financial Forum in New York City.

Mouchly-Weiss was panelist for the session titled "Assessing Risk in Cross Border M&A." The other participants included Richard Coyle, executive director of the Emerging Markets Institute at the Johnson School of Management at Cornell and Don Borelli, chief operating officer of the Soufan Group. Jeffrey Goldfarb, U.S. editor of Reuters Breakingviews, moderated the discussion.

The session covered reputation factors that must be considered before a cross-border acquisition takes place. They include regulatory matters, attitudes of influential NGO groups and activists, media coverage, supply chain issues, political climate and cyber security.

"Many companies neglect to carefully consider the risks and move too quickly to acquire-much to their regret later," says Mouchly-Weiss, a leading authority on reputation and issues management for multinational organizations.

The International Financial Forum is a private, invitation only Summit bringing together over 500 of the world's most active cross border dealmakers and other key international market experts - academics, media and political influencers.